Conquer Your Fear of Flying
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- now also available live online

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h2 HYPNOTHERAPY provides a unique fear of flying course in Scotland and also live online using Zoom or Skype for clients everywhere. 100% of our clients have successfully reduced their anxiety to manageable levels! 

The ASCENT programme of hypnotherapy & cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) deals with both the practical aspects and the underlying psychological causes of a flying anxiety and can, for those clients who wish, be followed by a practical experience package at Dundee Airport, Scotland, that includes hands-on flying in a jet simulator and a real flight in an aeroplane! Both the psychological and flight experience courses are easily accessible to clients with a flying anxiety located in Perth, Dundee, Angus and Fife.

Clients who are unable to attend our Perthshire clinic (or who are maybe short of time before a holiday flight or business trip) can easily arrange online sessions with our expert therapist (and former qualified flying instructor). Online sessions will be structured to help with a client's particular issues and will include safe, effective hypnosis adapted for the online environment and that will incorporate helpful psychological tools and techniques to manage anxiety, avoid panic attacks and promote relaxation. All of the client's technical questions (and misconceptions) will be addressed. Do not confuse our online sessions with off-the-shelf videos or mp3s - these are one-to-one bespoke consultations tailored to the individual client! Learn more about online therapy here ...

What is a Fear of Flying?

Fear of flying (aerophobia or aviophobia) is one of the most common phobias, and flying anxiety unduly affects an estimated 20-40% of people at some time. On the face of it, such anxiety is irrational as statistics prove that flying is one of the safest forms of travel. In fact, 2017 was the safest year ever with a record low total of 14 airliner accidents resulting in only 59 deaths. Given that traffic exceeded 34 million flights, the fatal passenger accident rate was one per 4.8 million flights! 

For those affected, however, such fear severely limits their lifestyle, leisure and business opportunities as flying becomes more of an essential part of our lives. There are many aspects of flying that can cause anxiety, such as dreading an accident, claustrophobia, relinquishing control or fearing a panic attack. Even the early stages of booking a ticket can create a mild anxiety, which rises to abject terror when the plane becomes airborne. Symptoms include sweating, dry mouth, panic attacks, high heart rate, hyperventilation, nausea, blurred vision and muscle tension. 

Fear of flying can affect anybody, regardless of age, education, intelligence, gender or professional status and is not a sign of weakness or necessarily lack of accurate information about safety statistics. Luckily, help is at hand that can allow sufferers to reduce their fears to a manageable level and in some cases even enjoy flying!

ASCENT Hypnotherapy for Flying Anxiety Course

The psychology sessions are conducted by Harry Holbrook, clinical hypnotherapist (and former CAA-qualified flying instructor and RAF Air Training Corps instructor) based near Blairgowrie in Perthshire (close to the border with Angus).

The ASCENT programme is customised to the particular needs of the client, but a typical course comprises three sessions of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and technical training. During the ASCENT sessions: 

  • negative worries are examined and reframed into more realistic and positive thoughts 

  • causes of anxiety are progressively desensitised

  • future effective behaviour is rehearsed

  • psychological techniques are practised that can be used to instantly quell anxiety

  • the mind is trained to inhibit the release of stress hormones on a flight

  • the technical aspects of flying are explained and any concerns dealt with

Want to Learn About Flying and Have a Go?

Want to take things even further? Consolidating the hypnotherapy sessions, and in partnership with h2 Hypnotherapy, Tayside Aviation at Dundee Airport offers nervous flyers a unique opportunity to boost their confidence! Under the personal supervision of Managing Director James Watt, Tayside Aviation (a long-established and CAA-accredited Flight Training Organisation) offers a customised ‘fear of flying’ course that can (depending upon the client's requirements) consist of the following: 

  • A briefing by an experienced pilot concerning the principles of flight and commercial flight operations during which all your technical questions are answered and any misunderstandings dealt with. 

  • A practical session in a jet simulator during which the operation of the aircraft is demonstrated and you take the controls to fly and (if you want) land the plane! If you are planning a particular journey, the simulator can be programmed to fly on that route and land at your destination airport. It’s enormous fun and a tremendous boost to your understanding and confidence. 

  • An air experience flight in a light aircraft around the local area where, if you wish, you can take the controls for real! Alternatively, I can accompany you on a short commercial flight to provide confidence and support. 

How Can I Conquer My Fear of Flying Now?

For further details about any aspect of the ASCENT course, contact h2 HYPNOTHERAPY today! Vouchers are available for both the hypnotherapy sessions and the air experience sessions with Tayside Aviation. Don't forget that we provide an online service one-to-one using Zoom or Skype software for those clients unable to attend our clinic. Take a look at our 'my fear of flying' website for additional information. 


"I would just like to say a big thank you for your help …… I honestly can't remember the last time I flew feeling so calm and relaxed. Once again thank you for your life changing help"   D.B. Kirkwall

"Best flying experience I have had in years ... thank you!" SC (Ladybank, Fife)