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Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy & Coaching - online via Skype or Zoom direct to you

Online hypnotherapy consultation

Maybe you find that your lifestyle and commitments make it difficult for you to travel to see a therapist, or perhaps you simply prefer the convenience or privacy of communicating online? h2 Hypnotherapy, a UK-based established practice, uses the Skype or Zoom software to provide fast, reliable, safe and confidential interactive therapy - whatever your location or situation. I'm Harry Holbrook, a fully qualified, highly experienced hypnotherapist and trainer who works with clients both in-person at my Perthshire clinic and also worldwide online - read more about me here. But is online therapy as effective as traditional, in-person therapy sessions? Please read on ...

Why online hypnotherapy?

From the client's perspective, there are many benefits of using online hypnotherapy. You can choose a therapist anywhere in the world with online coaching! You don't need to spend additional money on travelling to the therapist's office, and in the winter you don't need to leave your warm home or struggle with difficult conditions. Without travelling time it's easier to fit a therapy session into your daily schedule - indeed, you can work with your therapist from your office, hotel, or holiday resort. Some clients may find it difficult to leave home because of caring responsibilities, mobility issues, transport limitations, or a physical or psychological problem (such as agoraphobia) and online therapy may be a first step in their recovery. The 2020 Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic produced many challenges for both therapists and those seeking therapy and whilst many types of therapy can only be delivered in person, talking therapies lend themselves to virtual communication modalities.

Is online hypnotherapy effective?

Yes! Online hypnotherapy and coaching techniques may vary slightly from those provided in a direct face-to-face session (largely to safeguard the client's safety and wellbeing) but because some clients feel more relaxed and comfortable working in the familiar surroundings of their own home, they find that this has a positive effect on the outcome of their therapy. Experience has shown that online hypnotherapy can be just as effective as traditional in-person therapy, with the same outcomes and considerations as normal integrative hypnotherapy. Indeed, recent research has even suggested that online therapy "is at least as effective as equivalent face-to-face therapy and can be more effective". Most of the issues mentioned elsewhere on this site can be dealt with online (including our popular ASCENT fear of flying programme). It is not necessary to be in the same room as the therapist to enter into hypnosis - it is a natural state that we all acquire throughout the our day (read the information about hypnosis on our integrative hypnotherapy page to learn more).

What do the online hypnotherapy sessions consist of?

This is something we’ll discuss in your initial, free consultation - this can be by phone or online (preferred as it allows us to test the suitability of the connection). Your first actual session will consist of chatting about your situation, setting your personal goals for the therapy and answering any questions you have. We will then talk about how hypnotherapy is going to help you before suggestions are given for you to be able to relax into a safe hypnotic state. While you are relaxed, therapeutic suggestions are given which are appropriate to your situation. Typically, online sessions are one hour in duration to avoid 'Zoom fatigue', but we will remain flexible in order to best support you. We will prepare bespoke session content to address your particular needs and circumstances. Email support and appropriate resources are provided to help you monitor and maintain progress. You may benefit from completing practical 'homework' tasks to maximise the effect of the sessions. We have clients who prefer weekly sessions, others once a month. If you’re not sure what is right for you, we’ll work it out together – no pressure.

What can online hypnotherapy help me with?

Hypnotherapy can help with a broad range of problems - more information can be found on the 'treatments' pages of this website. Here are just some of the issues that can be helped using online hypnotherapy:

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem

  • Specific and generalised anxiety

  • Fears and phobias

  • Fear of flying

  • Stress management

  • IBS

  • Chronic pain management

  • Sleep problems

  • Eating problems and weight management

  • Help with stopping smoking

  • Panic attacks

  • Unwanted habits, such as nail-biting, hair-pulling or thumb-sucking

  • Nerves connected with tests, exams or having injections

  • Psychosexual problems

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner training courses - more details here

What are the requirements to access online hypnotherapy?

  • A reliable and stable broadband connection is necessary, although we will put in place safeguards in case of a connection failure - you won't be left 'stuck' in hypnosis!

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or even smartphone with a decent sound and camera. Your device needs to be securely supported and not hand-held. Remember to switch-off other notifications before the session to avoid alerting interruptions.

  • A quiet and comfortable space, where you are unlikely to be disturbed and where you can speak in private. A comfortable chair, or a couch will help you to relax.

  • Headphones or earpieces will enhance the experience, but are not essential.

  • A phone available in case of loss of connection.

What do I do next?

Give us a ring on 01828 633033 or message us using the form at the foot of this page to tell us about your problem. We will then arrange a mutually convenient time for your free initial online session to further discuss your enquiry and test the connection. We will assess the best way of working with you and if we think that online therapy is not appropriate we will recommend an alternative approach. A simple client agreement form will be emailed to you and only when you are happy will we ask you to make online secure payment, following which you will be sent the meeting link for your first session. You can find our current fees on the prices page here

Options for receiving hypnotherapy or coaching

We also offer one to one hypnotherapy and hypnotic coaching, face to face at our Alyth (Perthshire) practice. If you would like to discuss how we can help you to move forward, please telephone h2 Hypnotherapy on 01828 633033. You can also find out more about getting hypnotherapy online at our dedicated website here

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