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Testimonials - just some of our happy clients and students

" [my son] managed to go through his [Covid] vaccination yesterday, which is brilliant. He found the techniques you taught him really useful to keep himself calm, and he couldn't believe how quick and easy it turned out to be. Thanks so much for your help; it definitely made the whole thing much easier for him." AN (Alyth)

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Fear of Flying Client: "The trip was good and very relaxing. My anxiety levels were very much reduced.  My wife commented on how much more at ease I seemed on the flights.  I was even able to read a few chapters of a book. All in all the most pleasant flights I have had in 20 years. Many thanks for all of your help" R.P (Aberdeen)

Fear of Flying Client: " I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the session we had before I left Scotland. It impacted me in ways I am still discovering. I was able to fly without medication. ST (USA)

Fear of Flying Client: "I'm happy to report that I felt a huge improvement! Both flights were far more comfortable than what I've become used to in recent years so thank you! I still felt a few nerves but nothing I would label as unreasonable - it was fine. It actually felt strange without the usual worry! I never felt the need to use any of the techniques. Thanks again :) " M.B. (Inverness)

"Just to say thank you ! I've been a lot better since our sessions". A.C. (Evesham)

"Thanks for your sessions ... I seem to have increased my motivation and overall output at work and  am feeling much better about myself". A.K. (Jakarta, Indonesia)

"I had a great experience working with Harry. He was both easy to talk to and professional, the whole experience flowed and felt natural. His approach is fast, direct and I can safely say I already feel a shift in the areas we focussed on. We had sessions through Zoom which went very smoothly and I would 100% recommend his services". A.H. (Cheltenham)

“Harry is very good at putting you at ease, he explains the process clearly without jargon. In three sessions he has made a huge difference in my life, I am much happier and feel content and optimistic about the future.” N.N. (Montrose)

“I recently had a block of sessions with Harry. I had never been to any hypnotherapy sessions before. He was extremely professional, made me feel at ease and explained everything very well before and during my block. The changes for me since attending these sessions, have been nothing short of amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend H2 Hypnotherapy.” L.S. (Perth)

Very positive experience - helped me with negative thoughts, confidence and relaxation.  I would not think twice about coming back if I needed to.  Thank you so much. K.A. (Blairgowrie)

Harry was fantastic - really helped me to overcome my fear of flying. At no time did Harry make me feel silly, he showed me how to cope with my fear. If you are reading this because you are thinking of going to see Harry, well I say just go for it - you won't be sorry. J.F. (Kirriemuir)

"Just had my third session with Harry Holbrook and am amazed at the difference in my way of thinking...I suffer with anxiety and depression and lack of confidence plus struggled with past events....Harry put me completely at ease the very first time I met him and has helped me immensely. I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend.” K.M. (Alyth)

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"As a hypnotherapist I have followed the recent online training led by Harry. I was impressed by the quality of his training and would recommend his course either in person or online." AG (Bath)

“Just wanted to say I loved Harry's sessions so, so, much! I feel so relaxed and calm after that hypnosis session he just did. Would it be possible for him to do future sessions? I feel more relaxed than when I've done yoga! Harry is fantastic!”  Workshop client (Blairgowrie)

"Just to let you know we had an absolutely amazing trip to ......!  Thank you so much for the course you gave me as I was able to make use of some of the techniques throughout the trip.  I am very happy to say that I actually didn’t need them half as much as I thought I would, but I think the fact that I knew I had the tools there if I needed them was a great help to me!" KD (Perth) 

"Best flying experience I have had in years ... thank you!" SC (Ladybank, Fife)

"Harry is always available to sort through your queries and goes through the Hypnotherapy coursework in a very understandable way." KT (Inverness)

"So pleased and thank you for being an awesome tutor! You’ve inspired me to be more creative and flexible in my approach! It’s been a pleasure and fascinating!" SR (Perthshire)

"Thoroughly enjoyed the learning. Harry adapted the course well so that, despite lockdown at some points, we were able to still have a full experience. Love the fact that it’s an Integrated Hypnotherapy qualification giving lots of tools to support clients." JT (Dundee)

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"I would just like to say a big thank you for your help …… I honestly can't remember the last time I flew feeling so calm and relaxed. Once again thank you for your life changing help"   D.B. (Kirkwall)

"I’ve loved this course from start to finish. The course structure was clear, comprehensive and also provided us with advice to setting up a business and offering a 6-month follow-up support. Definitely the best decision I’ve made, as the support was amazing and he was always available. The course itself was very practical and I’d say that Harry is the best mentor by far. Worth every penny." M.T. (Carnoustie)

"I feel 100% better, thank you. I feel confident and in control" C.N. (Perth)

"… it was a massive step being able to actually make the journey!! I was definitely more calm and in control which has put me at ease thinking about the next trip! Thank you…without the hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques you gave me, I may not have made it!  EM (Blairgowrie)

"We did go for a holiday to London and flew down. I felt so much better and was nowhere near as nervous as I had been. Thank you for all your help." DD (Leven, Fife)

"Many thanks for your and Harry's care and attention. It helped me enormously". J.B. (Kirriemuir)

“I loved it. The guided meditation was awesome.”

“Harry is fantastic! He's so knowledgeable and I'm very grateful for all his tips and help. The deep relaxation at the end was awesome!”

“I felt so relaxed for the rest of the day. My kids said I was very chilled!”

“I tried one of Harry's sleep tips last night and felt that I did have a better sleep”

“Most chilled I've felt in ages Loved the circling finger tips technique!”

“I feel much more relaxed and less stressed. It is always good to have some 'me time' and be able to switch off for a while.”

Workshop delegates (Blairgowrie)

I have recently been seeing Andrea and Harry for homeopathy and hypnosis respectively. I have been experiencing long-term anxiety and insomnia; in part as a result of caring for elderly parents over a protracted period of time. Both treatments have been instrumental in helping me to reach a calmer and more gentle head space. and the hypnosis has been very helpful with the insomnia. I intend to keep seeing H2 practitioners once the pandemic is over. And I am in a much better place to deal with the complexities of the Covid 19 outbreak as a result of my previous treatments.  J.W. (Alyth)

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