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Professional Hypnotherapist Training Courses
in Scotland and Online

Hypnotherapy training group
hypnotherapy certificate training


Certificate training at Foundation Level - three weekends classroom or live online

hypnotherapy diploma training


Continue your learning to Practitioner level and gain the PDip.IH qualification. Additional four weekends classroom or live online

hypnotherapy training flexible learning


Training is available as face-to-face classroom weekends, or learning interactively live online - you choose

hypnotherapy training course dates


Find your course dates here


Want to be an accredited Hypnotherapist?

Train with h2 Hypnotherapy and acquire all the skills, knowledge and confidence to be a successful practitioner. You have the choice of either live interactive online or by physical attendance at class in Perthshire, Scotland

Classroom-based courses

Physical attendance in-person courses take place over seven weekends (three for the Certificate and an additional four for the full Diploma). Additional time should be allowed for the completion of your case studies. They take place in Perthshire (venue depending upon size of the enrolment). These courses are accredited by the GHSC and CNHC. The course dates section will indicate when the next classroom-based course is scheduled.

Classroom hypnotherapy training

Interactive live online courses

Online training using Zoom takes around four months for the tutorial element, with additional time required to complete your case studies. Please note that this training is LIVE and fully interactive - not pre-recorded seminars (although if you are unable to attend a particular session it will be recorded for you). You will have a chance to practice your new skills with your fellow students in online breakout rooms (under supervision). The content is identical to the classroom-based training and the online course is accredited by the GHSC. The course dates section will indicate when the next online course is scheduled.

Online training course

Blended learning online with practical

Students who are able to attend at the Perthshire classroom but who wish to study online may opt for a blended learning approach, whereby the live online tutorials are supplemented by classroom practical workshop days. Please ask for more details. Blended learning is accredited by the GHSC in the same way as online courses.

Classroom group practice

Why should I train with h2 Hypnotherapy Training?

  • The fully accredited Diploma training equips you with all of the knowledge and skills to become a qualified professional hypnotherapist and to practice confidently, successfully and safely.

  • Learn a new or additional career using the fascinating tools of hypnotherapy to help others.

  • This is a very practical course - benefit from the experience of practitioners in the real world how to help clients with a multitude of issues and also learn the tips and strategies to make a successful business after qualification.

  • High trainer-student ratio.

  • Private Facebook group for students to share and receive peer support.

  • Excellent value for money!

  • The assurance of ongoing practical support after graduation - FREE supervision session within the first six months for Diploma course graduates (for both classroom and online students) and reduced-price supervision thereafter.

  • Graduates of the classroom-based course get direct registration with the GHR and fast-track membership of the CNHC after qualification at Diploma level (subject to application and payment of membership fees).

  • Graduates of the online and blended learning Diploma courses get direct registration with the GHR at Practitioner level (subject to application and payment of membership fee).

  • We can even provide one-to-one mentorship training so you can learn at your own pace - contact us to enquire.

Hypnosis training course

Certificate in Integrative Hypnotherapy 

Who is this Certificate course for?

  • Anybody who is interested in learning a new skill to help their friends, family or others.

  • Those who intend to progress to study at Diploma level and practice as hypnotherapists professionally.

  • Complementary Therapists, such as reflexologists, massage therapists, life-coaches, acupuncturists or counsellors who wish to enhance their skill set.

  • Training course providers who wish to offer NLP / psychology-based training in the workplace

  • Therapists who want to use effective techniques to help people with issues of stress management, relaxation or confidence-building.

What will I learn during my Certificate training?

  • History and pioneers of hypnosis; models of the mind; suggestibility; ways of delivering hypnotherapy.

  • Principles of hypnotherapy

  • Safe practice; codes of ethics; data protection; safeguarding; professional boundaries. 

  • How to plan and conduct a hypnotherapy session.

  • Methods of inducing hypnosis; abreactions.

  • Indirect suggestion and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.

  • Introduction to NLP.

  • Practical application of CBT techniques and models.

How long is my Certificate training and how much does it cost?

  • The Certificate course is conducted over 6 days / three weekends, if studying a classroom-based course. Online Certificate training normally takes about two months to complete. In both instances, case studies are not required.

  • Three written assignments are required for the Certificate course.

  • It costs £825 including your presentation certificate.


Practitioner Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy   PDip.IH

Who is this Diploma course for?

  • Those who have completed Certificate training and who wish to continue training to professional practitioner level.

  • Complementary Therapists, such as reflexologists, massage therapists, life-coaches, acupuncturists or counsellors who wish to become professionally qualified hypnotherapists.

  • Medical and Health Professionals, such as doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists, pharmacists, CBT practitioners.

  • Existing hypnotherapists who may not have studied an accredited course and gained a recognised qualification.

  • Sports Therapists who wish to use hypnotherapy to enhance their clients motivation or concentration.

What will I learn during my Diploma training?

  • Applied NLP techniques.

  • Stress, anxiety, phobia, PTSD and depression.

  • Weight management, including the hypnotic gastric band.

  • Habits, addictions and quitting smoking hypnotherapy.

  • Pain management techniques.

  • Confidence, self-esteem and improving performance.

  • Working with children, pregnancy and childbirth ('hypnobirthing').

  • Psychodynamic therapies including age regression.

  • Introduction to instant induction techniques.

  • Establishing and developing your own hypnotherapy business.

About the PDip.IH Diploma Course

  • Students who have completed the Certificate (Foundation) Course and who intend to practice hypnotherapy at a professional level will wish to continue their studies at Diploma level.

  • The Practitioner Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy offered by h2 Hypnotherapy Training has been assessed and accredited at Practitioner Level by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK). Graduates from this course are eligible for professional registration with the General Hypnotherapy Register (the GHSC’s Registering Agency) at full Practitioner status, together with the acquisition of the industry-based award - the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP) - subject to application and payment of the fee. The GHR offers free Student Registration to all students on GHSC accredited courses throughout the duration of their training.

  • Graduates of the classroom-based (in-person physical attendance) course will also be able to make fast-track application to join the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which potentially will also enable the new practitioner to obtain referrals from medical professionals.

  • The course syllabus is in accordance with the Core Curriculum for Hypnotherapy published by the CNHC and which incorporates the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy.

  • The qualification maps to Regulated Qualifications Frameworks, Level 4 (England & Wales), Level 7 (Scotland).

  • Numbers on the course are kept deliberately low in order to ensure individual attention is given to students.

  • The Practitioner Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy (PDip.IH) runs over a further four weekends (if participating in classroom-based training). This provides 120 hours of in-class learning (including the Certificate level training) which, with the addition of directed learning and personal study, comprises over 450 hours total study for the award of the Diploma. If studying under the online option, the duration of the training is normally about two months. In both instances, additional time should be allowed for the completion of your case studies.

  • An additional final written assessment (open book) is required for the Diploma.

  • Graduates also receive their first supervision session free of charge within the six months following graduation, and at a reduced price thereafter.

  • Graduates of both classroom-based and online training are eligible to obtain indemnity insurance for their private practice.

  • The cost of the Diploma course is £1100, which includes course handouts, assessments and graduation diploma.

  • Save money by pre-payment of £1850 for both Certificate and Diploma training.

  • Please contact us to request a prospectus, learn more, enrol, or to register your interest and be kept informed.

course dates

Course Dates

Please note that training is currently in progress. The next courses will commence 31st August 2024 with the Certificate and will continue with the Diploma, with all teaching complete by Christmas 2024. The delivery modes provide the option of either blended learning or 100% live online (the cost is the same). Please ENQUIRE NOW

Certificate Training Course 24B

Saturdays commencing August 31st 2024  

Diploma Training Course 24B

Saturdays commencing October 2024

What do I do next?

Give us a ring on 07919 056 142 or complete the enquiry form at the foot of this page to request a Prospectus enrolment pack.

Harry Holbrook
Dip.AH  SQHP  GHR reg. CNHC reg

Harry is your course principal, tutor & assessor. He is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and trainer at Further & Higher Education levels and also within the voluntary sector. Harry runs a therapy practice and classroom-based courses in Perthshire.

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Amanda Gwynne

Amanda is the course external assessor. She is an experienced qualified practitioner of hypnotherapy, EFT and bioresonance therapy. As a Registered Nurse & Midwife, her particular areas of expertise are fertility pregnancy and hypnobirthing. Amanda runs clinics & workshops in Wiltshire, Perth & Inverness.

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MT, Carnoustie

"I’ve loved this course from start to finish. The course structure was clear, comprehensive and also provided us with advice to setting up a business and offering a 6-month follow-up support. Definitely the best decision I’ve made, as the support was amazing and he was always available. The course itself was very practical and I’d say that Harry is the best mentor by far. Worth every penny." 

JT, Dundee

"Thoroughly enjoyed the learning. Harry adapted the course well so that, despite lockdown at some points, we were able to still have a full experience. Love the fact that it’s an Integrated Hypnotherapy qualification giving lots of tools to support clients." 

AG, Bath

"As a hypnotherapist I have followed the recent online training led by Harry. I was impressed by the quality of his training and would recommend his course either in person or online."

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