Online Therapy
Hypnotherapy & Coaching - online via Skype or Zoom


Maybe you find that your lifestyle and commitments make it difficult for you to travel to see a therapist, or perhaps you simply prefer the convenience or privacy of communicating online? h2 Natural Health uses the Skype or Zoom software to provide fast, reliable, interactive therapy - whatever your location or situation.

Why online therapy?

There are many benefits of using online therapy. You can choose a therapist anywhere in the world with online coaching! You don't need to spend additional money on travelling to the therapist's office, and in the winter you don't need to leave your warm home or struggle with difficult conditions. Without travelling time it's easier to fit a therapy session into your daily schedule - indeed, you can work with your therapist from your office, hotel, or holiday resort. Some clients may find it difficult to leave home because of a physical or psychological problem (such as agoraphobia) and online therapy may be a first step in their recovery. The 2020 Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic produced many challenges for both therapists and those seeking therapy and whilst many types of therapy can only be delivered in person, talking therapies lend themselves to virtual communication modalities.

Is online therapy effective?

Yes! Online coaching techniques will vary from those provided in a direct face-to-face session (largely to safeguard the client's safety and wellbeing) but because some clients feel more relaxed and comfortable working in the familiar surroundings of their own home, they find that this has a positive effect on the outcome of their therapy. Most of the issues mentioned elsewhere on this site can be dealt with online (including our popular ASCENT fear of flying programme).

What do I do next?

Give us a ring or send an email to tell us about your problem. We will assess the best way of working with you and if we think that online therapy is not appropriate we will recommend an alternative approach. Only when you are happy will we ask you make online payment before the first session.

What do the online coaching sessions consist of?

This is something we’ll discuss in your initial consultation, but it really is whatever works for you. Typically, online sessions are one hour in duration. We will prepare bespoke session content to address your particular needs and progress. Email support and appropriate resources are provided to help you. You may need to complete practical 'homework' tasks to maximise the benefit of the sessions. We have clients who prefer weekly sessions, others once a month. If you’re not sure what is right for you, we’ll work it out together – no pressure.

Options for receiving coaching

We also offer one to one hypnotic coaching, face to face at our Alyth (Perthshire) practice. If you would like to discuss how we can help you to move forward, please telephone h2 Hypnotherapy on 01828 633033.