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A Drug-free Alternative for Chronic Pain?

Updated: May 26, 2022

There's a growing feeling that medicine is unable to deal effectively with chronic pain (lasting more than three months). A recent study of 4,000 UK adults by Ipsos found 26% were living with chronic pain. Last month NICE (the UK NHS clinical watchdog) published draft guidelines which advised patients with osteoarthritis to take more exercise rather than paracetamol and other studies have suggested that anti-inflammatories can even make back pain worse!

Whilst anti-inflammatories can block the pain pathways in the brain in the short term, the problem with chronic pain is that the pain mechanism becomes oversensitive and pain can be manifested by the brain itself. Specialists are increasingly aware of the psychological factors at play, such as anxiety, stress and trauma.

Very often, the psychological factors underpinning chronic pain operate at the subconscious level and out of our direct control or even awareness. This is where hypnotherapy can be so effective in uncovering and resolving the maintaining causes. Sometimes, it is not even necessary to know exactly what the problems are to deal with them.

back pain sufferer

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