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Dates confirmed for Hypnotherapist Training autumn 2023!

Updated: May 19, 2023

Have you always wanted an interesting job where you are helping people but no two days are the same? Here's your opportunity to train as a Professional Hypnotherapist and gain a GHSC Accredited Qualification. h2 Hypnotherapy Training offers a comprehensive programme that will enable you to become a safe, effective and ethical practitioner. You can do the course either by blended learning or 100% live online - the price is the same. BTW - the training is FUN!

The courses will commence 2nd September 2023 with the Certificate and will continue with the Diploma, with all teaching complete by 16th December 2023. Get in touch for your copy of the Prospectus. 01828 633033

Certificate Training 23A - Autumn 2023 Saturdays commencing September 2nd

Diploma Training 23A - Autumn 2023 Saturdays commencing October 28th

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