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Needle Phobia Hypnotherapy

Is a phobia or anxiety holding you back from getting the vaccinations that you want? As it stands, there is no alternative to the needle for Covid-19 vaccines. Could it mean some people might choose to opt out of the vaccine simply because of their fear of needles? Estimates range from 3.5-10% of the UK population having some sort of needle anxiety. Read more about anxiety and phobia HERE

The NHS suggests approaches involving CBT and hypnotherapy as effective measures to manage down the anxiety enough to enable people to comfortably have their vaccination. h2 Hypnotherapy uses an integrative approach that combines both hypnotherapy and CBT. Our experience is that very often a single session can be all that is required to deal with a simple needle phobia. So don't make excuses to avoid vaccinations or make yourself miserable with unnecessary nerves - book your session with h2 Hypnotherapy right now.

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