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Nervous Flyers - scared of Turbulence?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Top Tip - Do The Turbulence Test! Are you worried by turbulence during your flight? Do you think that the plane is plummeting hundreds of feet when it seems to jolt up and down? Prove to yourself that these jolts are in reality only fractions of inches! That's right - most 'up and down' sensations are due to small vertical movement of the aircraft that doesn't even register on the pilot's sensitive altimeter.

Do this demo next time - simply keep a plastic cup half-filled with water (or gin and tonic) in front of you on the tray table (assuming that you are permitted to have the table deployed). Notice how even during heavy turbulence, the water stays in the cup and hardly moves!

Still worried? We can help you with any aspect of your flying anxiety, both in-person at the clinic in Perthshire or live online.

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