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New Online 2-session Programme for Nervous Flyers

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

With some end in sight for Covid-19 restrictions, much of our business is still online. However, now is a great time to deal with your flying anxiety so you are ready to book your next trip by air when things get back to normal. Maybe you just want to take a short domestic flight for a UK staycation, or perhaps get some sun on a far-flung beach?

We can now offer anxious flyers a two session online programme:

* Session one covers all the technical stuff and answers any questions you may have to do with the business of flying safely. You will also be introduced to some useful self-help tools.

* Session two covers the psychological aspects of your flying phobia and provides you with powerful mental techniques to manage your flying anxiety.

To get cracking just message us now or phone 01828 633033.

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