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What is Quick Change Hypnotherapy and Why is it Often the Best for You?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

You may be familiar with the ‘traditional’ approach to hypnotherapy – a prolonged, gradual relaxation into what is usually a fairly light level of trance, followed by suggestions to deal with your problem? This may be repeated over several (or many more) sessions as part of your ‘course’ of therapy. Some people are very happy with this, others are frustrated by the slow rate of progress and high cumulative expense.

However, there is an alternative - Quick Change Hypnotherapy:

  • By using rapid induction and deepening techniques, we achieve a deeper level of trance. This is beneficial because certain issues respond better to a deeper trance. For example, phobias, weight loss and Type 1 insomnia (having a problem falling asleep) require a medium level, whilst PTSD, Type 2 insomnia (waking during your sleep) and age regression respond better to a slightly deeper level.

  • Trance is achieved quicker, leaving more time to concentrate upon the ‘therapy’.

  • The client’s own subconscious mind is employed in creating the solutions to the problem. Think about it – isn’t the solution more likely to be accepted and acted upon if it is generated by you rather than the therapist?

  • Because of the above, only a few sessions are normally necessary, sometimes only one or two! This means you get fixed faster and at less cost.

  • Good news – it can be equally effective face-to-face or online.

rapid induction hypnosis

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